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All your life?

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Do you feel as if you have had DP/DR all your life/as long as you can remember?
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mrmole said:
So my question is...

Do you feel as if you have had DP/DR all your life/as long as you can remember?
Not the dp and dr, but i have had schizophrenia all my life....the dp/dr didn't start up until about 2 years ago when the schiz symptoms worsened.

dreamworld native said:
i dont understand how someone can have dp/dr for all their life. if its always been a part of you, how could you tell the difference between a normal concious and having dp/dr? how do you suddenly say.."oh theres something wrong" if your mind has always been like that? if someones always had it.. what would make them realize? how do they know what not living in reality is if they've never lived in reality.
i think this is a very logical question and i wonder the same thing. maybe the original poster meant they have had episodes of it come and go all their life?

I havn't had dp/dr all my life...i have been schizophrenic all my life. I didn't even know i had been hearing voices and having visions up until a couple years ago. It's been with me on and off my entire life, so i always thought it was somewhat normal. It took me a good 5 months or more to fully understand that i've been experiencing something my entire life that most everyone else does not.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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