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alcohol & schizophrenics

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probably a stupid question, but does alcohol make schizophrenics behave any normally?
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Alcohol has pychoactive propeties so I think it could bring on a pycosis and if you drink enough alchol then you can experience a pycosis, so I would think not

but I think in controlled amounts eg not getting complety pissed out of face the alchol may have a simlair relaxing effect as say a non scitopheinc drinking alchol like relaxtion adn giddyness, but I don't know any scitzophincs anymore so I don't know, only scitzophenic I ever knew smoked ciggerettes and that didn't seem to have much of on effect on him and he was always sometimes kind of making sense and then other times having massive and random mood swings and getting pissed at me and which point I would usually get away from him.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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