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alcohol & schizophrenics

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probably a stupid question, but does alcohol make schizophrenics behave any normally?
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Dear Sebastian and JC,

Re: mental illness in the family. I may be dead wrong, but I believe that many of us on the board here have a family history of mental illness of all sorts.

My father had severe OCD- hoarder/clutterer, my mother Paranoid Personality. My cousin, severely depressed and obese. Her son bi-polar and schizoaffective. The illness seems to run more on my mother's side of the family.

One doesn't have to get schizophrenia if a relative has it ... one might develop something else. I have a bit of OCD, I have anxiety, depression ... the brain expresses itself in only so many different ways, and there is a spectrum of illness.

You know I have a biological orientation re: this, yet I know for me my parents BEING mentally ill, made my life dysfunctional. It is ALWAYS a combo of Nature/Nurture and what percent of either is never really clear.

Also, I wouldn't recommend alcohol for any mental illness. It isn't a cure for any mental illness.

All of this IMHO
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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