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alcohol and DP

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Just wondered if you guys could offer any knowledge or experiences with alcohol and DP. My doctor says it might have set it off and could make it worse, but being in college its hard to avoid alcohol altogether. On the other hand, anything to make this worse is out of the question because i can barely handle it now so i just wondered if you had any input. Thanks
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i think alcohol helps mask feelings of dp/dr. i quite enjoy some time off from my disorder.
i'm not depressed at all. i guess i'm really lucky to be one of the few people on this board who isn't depressed or anxious. stuff does make me feel sad or anxious but i don't generally feel either.

i know i shouldn't drink as much as i do, but i really don't think it makes my dp/dr any worse. thank heavens :D
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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