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alcohol and DP

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Just wondered if you guys could offer any knowledge or experiences with alcohol and DP. My doctor says it might have set it off and could make it worse, but being in college its hard to avoid alcohol altogether. On the other hand, anything to make this worse is out of the question because i can barely handle it now so i just wondered if you had any input. Thanks
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I don't consume alcohol. Not at all. I just don't find it necessary. Judging from friends, it's easy to go abuse, so DON'T DRINK.

However, just from curiosity, I drank 250-500ml or a 5% wine. I think that it made things easier (didn't bother about things and so on) but I had no feeling of myself. Curiosity ended. But I will say it one more time: DON'T DRINK.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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