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Air Sickness-BioBand

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I'm going to Chicago soon by airplane. The flight is about 3 hours long and I get very,very airsick. I've tried almost everything to make myself less airsick, but nothing seems to help. I recently got a bioband ( to try. I was wondering if anyone has ever used this before and what they thought of it. Or, if you knew of any good ways to alleviate airsickness, I would like to know that too.
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Hi Shadow Cat!

I've only ever flown once, but I didn't feel sick. However, I often feel sick, when out fishing in rough seas and I've felt sick on funfair rides (mind you, that's probably because I always over-do it!). I've also suffered from car and morning sickness.

I bought a anti-sickness wrist band for the morning sickness, but it didn't work for me. Something which HAS worked for me, is making sure I've got a full stomach, before going on funfair rides and fishing. Apparantly, because your stomach is full, there's no room left for the food to go swishing around (Gross!).

I imagine sickness in an aircraft would be something to do with your ears/pressure, as your ears have something to do with your balance. People say that sucking a sweet - meaning you constantly swallow - stops your ears from popping, but no doubt you've already tried this. May I suggest you try focusing your eyes on something horizontal and imagining that you're actually looking at the horizon of a vast, calm lake?

When I'm a passenger in a car, I can't read or anything like that. I've always got to be looking out the window, otherwise I feel sick within a few minutes. However, when I'm driving, I never feel sick, so perhaps this could be because my mind is distracted with concentration? Perhaps it would be worth a try for you to also use a personal stereo, but really blast it. The racket might help to distract your mind? Or try anything which requires a lot of concentration.

I know my suggestions sound nuts (He he!) but I thought they just might be worth a try. Anyway, I hope your band will work. Good luck!

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