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Well - although 'cured' I would like to point out that the PATTERN (at least with me) of introspection and fatalistic thoughts leading to DP/DR is still intact.

This is not a post to discourage people; I simply want to say that once you have conquered it, you will also be aware of some thinking patterns leading to DP/DR, and that you will be able to stop them. Probably I am searching this board for clues on how to beat this fundamental 'weakness' - yes, that's probably the reason why I am here!

For example, I had to calculate and give a presentation on introducing a new product with a turnover risk of around 500 milion this morning (yes, corporate bullshit). I went through sheer hell! Felt sick, nervous, imagined the worst things this weekend...

However - in the end everyting was okay (well - not perfect!), but no need for stresssss...In these periods DR popped up again - and by being aware of the process I was able to calm myself down...And by putting everything into perspective (saying to myself: what's the worst thing that could happen etc. and who cares?); I returned to normal. Most of us are scared - however, we (DP-ers) tend to increase the intensity of our imagination (and hence imaginational emotions and fear) by a tenfold.

Hell! I want to be Donald Trump! Is there somebody around here who will tell me how to become fearless? :D


Hi Des,

Nice to see you around. I don't have answer for you but I wanted to say it and invite you to chat sometimes! The chatroom needs people! :)

See ya,

Cyn xxx
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