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Afraid to take these Meds

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Hi everybody,
Some already know I went in for a surgery Oct 20th and made it thru fine, got home late the next day. So I'm a little over a week post-op. Before I went in I had bloodwork done for the hospital but also for another doc unrelated to the surgery. Their office called about results when I was gone so I called Monday of this past week.

The nurse says that the bloodwork came back low thyroid and called in Generic Synthroid low dose to the pharmacy. 50 MCG once a day and see him in 3 months. I read up on side effects and some sound so anxiety insommnia related I'm like, hell with this shit!!!

I feel more hyper than hypo thyroid--- and it comes down to fear and trust (lack of) regarding my doctor. I really wanted to talk to him lots of times b-4 the hospital and no calls back. Now he wants me to take something I'm afraid of with no discussion.

I'm afraid I'll end up worse. I have taken it yesterday and today but am debating tossing them out. Anybody tired of feelin like a drug reps dream? Or anybody ever hear of feeling hyper but being hypo? I know this is a medical question but I posted it here cuz my fear is of course on the mental side. Thx,
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hiya jake...i dont think i can ofefr you much advice on the med side, except that if its really important you take this med but you have reservations try and call your doctor again, or make an appointment to see him, so you can tell him your concerns. sometimes i get worried cos of the chemicals im putting inside my body on the recommendation of someone who doesnt even know me. sometimes i dont believe they know anything bout the drugs they put me on and there could be all sorts in them, but at the end of the day i have to have some sort of faith in the people treating me. so ur not alone being worried on changing mine at the mo and its awful..sorry i cant be of much help hun xxxxx
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