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Afraid to take these Meds

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Hi everybody,
Some already know I went in for a surgery Oct 20th and made it thru fine, got home late the next day. So I'm a little over a week post-op. Before I went in I had bloodwork done for the hospital but also for another doc unrelated to the surgery. Their office called about results when I was gone so I called Monday of this past week.

The nurse says that the bloodwork came back low thyroid and called in Generic Synthroid low dose to the pharmacy. 50 MCG once a day and see him in 3 months. I read up on side effects and some sound so anxiety insommnia related I'm like, hell with this shit!!!

I feel more hyper than hypo thyroid--- and it comes down to fear and trust (lack of) regarding my doctor. I really wanted to talk to him lots of times b-4 the hospital and no calls back. Now he wants me to take something I'm afraid of with no discussion.

I'm afraid I'll end up worse. I have taken it yesterday and today but am debating tossing them out. Anybody tired of feelin like a drug reps dream? Or anybody ever hear of feeling hyper but being hypo? I know this is a medical question but I posted it here cuz my fear is of course on the mental side. Thx,
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thanks eveyone for support and suggestions..

I've been waiting most of the day to get a return call from the doctor, the goirl I spoke to at 2pm said she would pass it on to doctor to call--i said I just really need 5 minutes of his time.

Well we'll see maybe he'll call tomorrow. If he doesn't I'll become a nuisance much as I hate that. But I think I deserve a little chat about what symptoms he was hoping I'd get relief from---prescribing synthroid.

I was in lousy shape last he saw me Oct 7th and ordered the bloodwork, then he went in vacation, (didnt tell me) then I went in 4 a little 5 minutes won't kill him geeez. He treated me real funny cuz I was such a mess. Ego I guess that he didnt have instant answers---I didnt expect them--I think its him.
Thanks again all. this is day 3 of taking the stuff even though I dont know what its targeting..besides low numbers. I got plenty 'o symptoms! Wish me luck,
Oops what I mean to say is that it tagets high numbers..on the TSH test
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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