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Heal your hurts. Don't lug them around like a sack of potatoes or bring them out for show-and-tell when you need to explain away a bad behavior or an unsettling mistake.

Revisit the scars on your heart and resolve to remove each one of them. Examine the cause of the original wounds and determine the reason you still allow them to hurt - why you still hold on to the pain - and go about the business of getting the work done to let them go.

Without resolution, you remember the original injury and relive the pain, time and time again. Old hurts resurface and add scar tissue to the afflicted areas.

The next time a wound opens itself up and spills its scalding contents on your tender feelings, don't chase it back down inside of you. Cup it gently in your hands, kiss it good bye and release it.

Heal your hurts - one pain at a time.
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