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Advice For Travelling?

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Travelling about is when my dp and dr at that their worst...

does not matter how i am travelling, who i am with, how long it is just unbareable...really frightens me and makes the dp and dr so intense...

i have not been able to get on a train or bus in nearly 2 years...

so i either have to walk or go places by car (cab/taxi)...but walking is usually too painful due to my physical conditions...and dp and dr are hella bad when walking as i have agoraphobia too (part of my panic and anxiety disorders)...

and travelling by car makes me feel like i am going completely insane too!

but this time next month i have an hours journey (an hour there and an hour back at least) i really desperately want to endure...and i have to go on the motorway too!


is there anyone who can give me some advice on travelling? what helps the bad dp and dr sensations whilst in a car? anything that particularly distracts you or helps you cope?

i would be so greatful for any advice...thank you.
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I have the same problem. I don't know how I was able to deal with it for so long before xanax. If you can see your psychiatrist before your trip and explain your situation maybe he can give you some xanax or something similar to keep you calm.

Are you a passenger or are you the driver? When I'm the passenger I bring a lot of stuff along to distract me. Books, notebook, pen, old ex-boyfriend letters. One time I printed out a list of things to help distract me from a panic attack and took it along with me. I don't know where that is though. Maybe you could do a search on tips for this sorta thing... that's what I did when I had a long trip coming up.

If you are the driver, I can't really offer much advice cuz I just started driving and I don't know how the hell I'm gonna make the 45 min. drive to work and then the 45min ride back home every day. Xanax isn't gonna help me on an everyday basis. I develop a tolerance very quickly.

On highways I tell myself ok I can always get off at the next exit if I need to, and then that exit comes and usually I can pass it up and tell myself I can always get off at the next one. And continue that way til my destination. It comforts me to know what hospitals are along the way in case I go crazy I know there is help nearby. Sorry if I'm sounding too crazy for you. I also like to choose routes where there's a lot of houses, stores, or buildings instead of just land that seems to go forever. If highways and rural areas freak you out too then don't look out the window no matter how tempted you are to see if you are getting any closer to where you have to be(unless you are driving of course).

I traveled by train a few months ago and it's comforting to me that it stops so much and you can get off at any stop you want if you start to feel like you're gonna lose it. Also I watch the signs and see how quickly we are going through towns. When I start to see familiar names of towns and roads... I can relax a little.

Another thing that comforts me, but is kinda bad... definitely can't do it if I'm driving... Sometimes I tell my self I can always stop somewhere and down a few shots to get through the ride. Alcohol helps with my DP tremendously.... but it's always 10 times worse when I sober up.
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I think this is one of the sites I printed stuff off of for my trip...

Scroll down for panic attack tips and relaxation techniques.
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