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You have power over dp/dr. You have to tell yourself this is not reality, this is my mind playing tricks on me. Every time I feel the dp coming on, I tell myself that its all in my head. I have power over it. I know you all have it in you, even if you don't think so. You can't let the dp/dr win. It may seem impossible, but once you do it, it will be easier each time. I've been doing this lately, and the results have been very positive.

Tell yourself:

I won't let this beat me. I have the power over it. It will be so hard at first. I've literally been gritting my teeth and squeezing something because it's been so hard, but it has helped so much. I know the dp/dr has made you believe that this is your reality. That it is what is real. But it's not. You all have the ability to get better. I know you can. I know some of you will tell yourself that it's not real and then automatically go back to thinking the same way. I've done this a lot. But just keep trying.

I know you can do it.

i really believe this shane..i beat panic disorder this way when i was 25.. i know it can be done.. my dr/ panic started again just 2 years ago after a bout of health problems...i went almost 25 years panic free.. its all in our mind and we create the fear within ourself... this time with the panic was different because i worried about death all the time... and i have dr now.. the dr feelings to me was worse than the panic i had because its with me all the time... now i get afarid of the dr feelings and attach fear to the feelings... one thing i dont know... is dr and panic the same disorder? i feel like the dr is a spin off from the panic but alot of people disagree.. well i do know the less attention you give the feelings the less power they have on you...Doug
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