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I've visited this website many times but have never posted because i was scared. I think i was scared to admit was has happened to me. Im 24 and im at the point where its almost impossible to deal with. I think the first time i ever realized i was going thru dp was about 5 months ago. I woke up one day and things just looked completely off. Every since then it has been hell. I have done drugs in the past and got dp but it went away pretty quick never really even noticed it. I think what brought it on this time is the fact that ive been going through some severve anxiety and depression. My body feels worn down all the time, sleep is very minimal. I think at times that im going to die. I have to constantly remind myself who i am, what i am and that this isnt a dream. I sit around and just work up scenarios in my head about what has happened to me. Its made me question the meaning of life which caused me alot more anxiety and has also left me with a distorted reality. I remember feeling real but its hard to believe at time that any of this is real and that a person can actually feel this way. Every day I continue to keep pressing on thinking one day ill wake up and it will all be clear. I dont know how many times ive thought to commit myself to an institution but dont . I feel everyday that im getting worse and waiting for the day i wake up and not even remember my life. I know that one day things will be better i just dont know how to get there.

I am glad you were able to write your story - I have only just found this website and I now realise how helpful we can be for each other. Have you tried the chatroom yet? I was really surprised that it wasn't just idle chatter but there can be some really helpful people in there when you're feeling s***
Family and friends are just not able to understand what's going on my head - but I know that the people reading these postings really do understand and even if it doesn't change the symptoms it really does help to know you are not the only one dp'ing
I hope other people reply to you too,

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