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Adrenaline and Dopamine cure dissociation

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I read in 'Overcoming Depersonalization' that dissociation is an inhibitory mechanism for anxiety. Specifically 'severe DPD causes a suppression of the neurotransmitters associated with anxiety and the fight/flight response (norepinephrine and adrenaline). Also the reason drugs like marijuana cause dp is because they prevent the transmission of the neurotransmiiter NMDA, LSD increases serotonin which also causes dissociation and opiods (even natural ones like endorphins) cause dissociative states. Based on this post I read on psychcentral, dopamine and adrenaline are the CURE for dp.

Here it is:

PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP! WE KNOW THE SECRET! WE WANT TO HELP BECAUSE MY DAUGHTER HAS BEEN THERE LIKE YOU AND SUFFERED THROUGH FRICKING HELL!!! After a year of searching for help for my 21 year old daughter we actually figured out the cure by accident! Please take this seriously because my daughter is doing very well now. She was so sad to read of your account.
We went to so many psychiatrists that I lost count and none of them helped so then we began to do research on our own. We learned a LOT about neurotransmitters. Here's the thing...everyone who is suffering from depersonalization is severely lacking in one or more neurotransmitters! Don't let ANY doctor tell you otherwise! Their knowledge is remarkably deficient in this area. I truly believe they are killing people every day by their stupidity and ignorance on this! I am not kidding! In her final days of dp before we figured out what would help, my daughter Dana was riding roller coasters for the adrenaline rush and cutting herself just so she could feel alive. Anyway, I digress. After considerable research on neurotransmitters we found out several things.
1) Most people with dp are deficient in dopamine and or adrenalin, even though they may suffer from panic attacks, it's the LACK of adrenalin that is part of the cause of them.
2) Some dp people are deficient in serotonin.
3) You can usually determine which is the problem by knowing which legal and illegal drugs u respond well to. If you do great on coffee, cigarettes, cocaine and rollercoasters. You probably have a dopamine/ adrenalin deficiency, especially if marijuana makes you more depersonalized or paranoid.

4) If you do great on marijuana you probably have a serotonin problem.

Doctors almost always give serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants! This is a HUGE problem for people who need dopamine because it only makes them worse!

My daughter got an accidental clue at a party we were at one night at Halloween. A girl put some cocaine in her drink. Dana said it was her best night in years! She said she could actually see the food on the table and realize she was in the room. Later we went to our family doctor who is actually smart and told him about her problem and what happened. He laughed and told her that cocaine raises dopamine levels asked if we'd tried Wellbutrin. She said no, that she was afraid to try any more antidepressants because they were a disaster for her and made her feel suicidal. He told us that Wellbutrin works on dopamine and adrenalin so it would probably be a completely different experience. He tried her on the minimum dose and she immediately started to feel better. In fact she was so happy she cried. Then she gradually moved up in dosage until now she as at twice the normal dose because her dopamine levels were off the charts low. Anyway, she saw your letter and wanted me to write to you because she couldn't. Her computer has a virus. She wants you to NOT give up!! She is happy now for the first time in years. She wants you to know how bad she feels for you but that you CAN FEEL BETTER!!! You may have the same problem! Look into this and don't be intimidated by those doctors!!! Ask for what you want! Insist on it! Please write if you have any questions. And please let us know how you're doing! ~Theresa


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Dissociation is not a chemical process, just read a little bit about Freud and Jung work on subconscious mind, repression, trauma, etc
Nope.Dissocation is a chemical process yes,otherwise meds such as Clonazepam wouldn't work.

The acknowlegdment that you're responsible for your brain chemistry,because of the way you think,feel and act is important.

Every feeling we have is produced by chemicals,the thing is just to see why our brain constantly send dissociatives chemicals on us.

Our emotions have a huge part in regulating our chemicals,we need to fix them to fix our chemicals.That's why meds can only treat symptons not the real cause.
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