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Addictions and Anxiety -

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I just want to get a feel if anyone suffers from addictions with their DP/DR? As I grow older, I really feel as though there is a connection between addiction and anxiety, as well as a heredity factor (which it can be argued that anxiety is genetic, too).

I suffer from addictions, but it has thus far not impacted major areas of my life. I have a successful job, nice house, and a successful relationship. But, I know the addiction beast (my father was a huge alcoholic and is now in jail for a drunk driving related accident) and it can ruin anything at any given moment.

Some of what I struggle with are:

1. Gambling - not at casinos, but the damn scratch tickets from the state lottery. I got better for a while, but now I am diving back in.
2. Red Wine - I like having red wine every night - sometimes 3/4 of a bottle.
3. Sexual material - I enjoy pornography. I don't view it every day, but if I don't view some for a couple days, it creeps back in my mind as something I want to view. I know that's personal, but if I can't air my dirty laundry here, where can I?

My girlfriend enjoyes red wine with me, and she doesn't mind porn (she actually wants to watch it sometime). I love her, not the women onscreen, so I always wonder why I enjoy watching it so much. I hate saying "it's a guy thing" because that's a cop-out.
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yep my addictions are souring through the roof since i've ben through dr/dp

1) Being with people, i CAN'T be alone, i have to be with someone be it a friend, family, work college even bar staff.
2) Cannabis, this is one of the things that chills me out and maks me feel sane but also makes me feel like i'm prolonging the recovery from dr in the longrun
3) Caffine, it makes me function
4) Beer, drinking makes me forget all about dp and makes me have the ability to talk to people

Bear in mind all these addictions were already present and i feel DP/DR have made them stronger (although it might have just made me more aware of them)
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