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This is a complete surprise to me.

Two days ago I couldn't sleep, I literally thought I was losing my mind. In fact I "knew" I was losing my mind. I was depressed, anxious, DP'ed in the extreme, even getting paranoid and delusional - I was seriously contemplating either ending it all or checking myself into a mental institution. I had never felt that weird before (whilst being sober , that is)

It seemed that recovery, if it was possible, was a mile away - that I'd need years of therapy to get there if I had any hope whatsoever of doing so at all.

And yet, now...I feel absolutely fine, perhaps for the first time in this last month or longer

I feel "myself" once more, at ease, relaxed, calm and content. These last few days memories I'd forgotten I had have been coming back...I'm starting to feel more "connected" with it al again.

If you were to say to me a few days ago that I'd be feeling fine now I would never have believed you.

I don't know what happened, but I hope this lasts a while. At least this glimmer of normality is enough to show that "me" is still here somewhere.

I just thought I'd share this with you to offer some hope. I honestly thought there was none a few days ago. I looked at many of your situations and saw mine as infinitely worse. I was the hopeless one, you all had a chance.

If I'm able to feel well for a little while, everyone here is as well.

Don't give up if you're feeling bad. Better times are ahead for most of us, I hope.

Here's to some other people feelings better soon.


Thats great news.
Just goes to prove that most of these weird feelings are just an anxiety state. When calm, you are fine.
Thanks for the post, its given me hope and confidence to conquer this myself too.

hey im so glad you have been feeling better....i had one of my worst days 2 days ago and even had to take a .5 klonopin.... but yesterday i felt normal... i have tryed to figure out what was different but cant.. i just enjoy the time i do feel normal... its like sometimes i have good days following the real bad times but it makes no since to me.. any way i think its great you have this time...dont forget the way you feel when your better.. i use that thought when im feeling down..Doug
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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