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Abysmal Depersonalization/Derealization/Tiredness

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DP/DR has reached such an extreme for me that I'am worried I will lose complete control of my thoughts and actions.

Can anyone here relate to sleeping near 24/7?.

For the past few days I haven't ate, I've just slept and slept and slept. I went to sleep at 11 last night.... just woke up now, still tired.... its 7:45PM.

I just wanna sleep, I can't handle this.
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60mg Citalopram (Cipramil/Celexa)

Have been for a few years.
Basically my life at the moment is sleep, when I'm awake I can't grasp reality, even my own thoughts.

Short term, long term... whatever memory for me is all fucked up now also.

Like I said before... this is at its worst for me... soon I'm going to be on TRT... maybe that is just gonna push me over the edge.

My brain is on reset mode and I can't bear to live like this. :oops:
The killer question:

Can I not end up Psychotic or Handicapped in anyway because of this? Because I feel like one more nudge worse and I will be that way.
The way things are going - I don't feel talking to my doctor about meds will do any good.

I don't even think I'll be alive let alone mentally stable in the next few days.
I have already asked my psychiatrist as far as meds go and she won't prescribe me anything else. She wants me off meds all together.
And well... the doctor keeps sending me back to her... because I'm 17 the NHS won't allow me to see an adult Psychiatrist.
Meaning: I'm stuck with a Psychiatrist who deals with situations suited to children.
Well I have phoned my doctor... the only thing she says she can do is refer me to an ealier appointment to the psychiatrist I already have.

She won't do anything about the meds but at this point in time with me I don't think it will make a difference.

I'm so far gone its unbelievable, if I aint sleeping I'm suffering.

I look at my hand and ask myself... what is this strange shape? How do I know how to work this?

You know what if I knew the right words to use I could go on for hours at how disabling this is getting for me.

Whats this machine I'm typing into? Whats typing? What are these words I'm using?


Alternate reality.


What to do?

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I must say it isn't so much the thought of going insane, its the fear of just being mentally gone.

I don't know exactly how to describe it but it feels as though my mind is dissappearing fast, I'm worried I will become paralysed in my mind and just end up this living piece of meat that doesnt function itself.
1 - 10 of 19 Posts
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