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Abysmal Depersonalization/Derealization/Tiredness

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DP/DR has reached such an extreme for me that I'am worried I will lose complete control of my thoughts and actions.

Can anyone here relate to sleeping near 24/7?.

For the past few days I haven't ate, I've just slept and slept and slept. I went to sleep at 11 last night.... just woke up now, still tired.... its 7:45PM.

I just wanna sleep, I can't handle this.
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In answer to your killer question, the answer is an emphatic NO! You are not going insane, however terrible you feel. And oh boy, do I know how you feel. In fact, everyone on this board knows how you feel. It's the most horrific feeling, I think, that someone can experience while staying 'sane'!.

At 17, please don't think this is a life sentence, because it's not. My first experience of this horror struck me at 19, and I recovered. And if I can, then you can. No, scratch that, you will. But it's no good me just telling you this, you must believe it yourself, and start being proactive. I can understand your situation with the doctors and the NHS, and because of your age they will be reluctant to prescribe you any medication, but there are other ways. The solution isn't coming to come miraculously from some barely qualified mental health professional, it's going to come from you - with help and advice, support and empathy (not sympathy - it does you no good) from people who understand what you are going through.

You MUST be proactive about dealing with what you are going through. I'm not being hard on you mate, but by simply hoping that a pill is going to cure you and languishing in terror until that point arrives, you're just making things worse. For a start, and however awful you feel, go out and engage in the activities that you did before. Now. You are in control of your mind, despite what you think, you are 'just' suffering from DR/DP. You aren't going to go 'mad', you are suffering from the extreme effects of panic and anxiety.

I'm not going to let this go. I am furious that someone of your age has to go through this crap. It makes me sick to my stomach. If you want to chat, then PM me and I will give you my mobile number. I'm not much help at offering advice, but as someone who is has recovered, I can give you support.
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