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This sums up my theory of why many of us from abusive childhoods have all manner of mental and physical problems, not just DP/DR. This is me to a "t" -- I have many medical problems, serious ones. Too many. I count anxiety, depression and DP/DR as part of these. If abuse can affect your body, it also affects your brain.

I still believe in "reprogramming" essentially through CBT, DBT, group therapy, Mindfulness, socializing, exercise, getting out there and doing what you can.

This again goes back to constant anxiety in an endless state of abandonment, confusion, verbal abuse and neglect -- a constant fight/flight mechanism. Therapy helped me realize I wasn't "the crazy one" in my houeshold. Made me aware I am not "the worthless failure" ... is teaching me to self-soothe, which is very difficult.

No one has to buy what this article says, but it explains my POV. Also, predisposition plays a key in severity of symptoms. Early intervention improves getting better.
Abusive Parenting May Set Chidren Up For Health Problems In Adulthood

(a more comprehensive longitutinal study)

"The mental strain of abuse or having unloving parents may change a child's neural responses to stress, increasing the emotional and physical arousal to threat and making it more difficult for that reaction to be shut off, according to the researchers.

Our findings highlight the extent to which these early childhood experiences are associated with evidence of increased biological risks across nearly all of the body's major regulatory systems," study senior author Teresa Seeman, a professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, said in the news release."
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