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About computer games

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A lot of people with DP say that they don't really feel their DP when they play because they concentrate on the game and not how they feel.

I, however, actually have trouble playing games because of my DP. Is anyone else like this?
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I guess I belong to the first group.

I'm sure the DP/DR doesn't go anywhere while I'm playing videogames, I'm just not thinking about it while playing.

Can you describe just in what way your DP is disruptive to videogaming for you?

Kroko said:
I feel the DP so strongly that I can't completely focus on the game.
Do you experience things like head pressure? (Can see where that would be a distraction.)

I also get all woozy and stuff from playing.
That sounds pretty normal (my head is always in a deep fog after an hour or more of comp/vid games).

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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