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Abilify for dr?

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Hey i am 17yo I have got weed induced dr 4months now it got better until last week when my school started and it got worse again :/, i told my doctor that it got worse and She gave me 5mg abilify (antipsycotic drug) as always i read all the side effects and noticed some really scary side effects like dystonia and Sudden death(death!?!?!?) i dont want to take them and didnt take them the first day. I called my doctor about it and She said that it isnt dangerous with such a small dose and She only want me to get rid of this but i dont think its worth the side effects... What do you guys think?
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Ive been taking an Anti-Psychotic called Dolmatil (Sulpiride) for over 20 years with no adverse affects....It has helped immensly with my DP...

I would not worry about side effects..You have nothing to loose in my opinion...The worst thing that could happen is that it doesnt help with your DP...In that case just stop taking it...Under your doctors supervision of course!

Dont be afraid because its an Anti Psychotic...I remember when they first prescribed my anti psychotic...I went into a full blown panic believing i was crazy, psychotic, had schizophrenia etc etc etc...You are none of those!!!!!!!!!!..Anti Psychotics are commonly prescribed to help with anxiety...They can be very helpful to alot of people with chronic anxiety!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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