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Whole day was relatively OK, I was doing other things, not thinking about my dp/dr...I had all the usual symptoms and everything, but was able not to think about them...But something, I don't know what, didn't feel right, like if somethings gonna happen...

Now's evening...I'm having a dinner, everything's still OK, I have only one small problem, a headache...Nothing that bad, but it kinda surprises me, as there is no apparent reason for it...And, all of sudden, it strikes me, the whole dp/dr thing and I feel most unreal for a long, long time..I'm different person every second..AAargh..this is not the first time it strikes me this way, but it's very bad and I hate that and it scares me so much!!! I feel so insane, damn...And still continues now...

But the funny thing is, I don't have the headache now, and I'm pretty sure, that after this attack fades away, I won't have the strange feeling I had whole day. I'm pretty sure these things, the strange feeling, headache and now the attack, are somehow connected - like if the whole day was a preparation for this attack now...Or that dp/dr was "blocked" in my brain and now it found its way out...Well, this may be interesting thing, but I'm not able to think about it right now (I don't even believe it's me who's writing this), just want to feel better...
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Two words that might help here:

Stop analysing.
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