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(I don't know where I'm going with this, I just have to rant) my dad, in an attempt to affirm that he has the answer to what I should do with my life, is nonstop persuading me to join the Navy or the Marines. (Oh, why not the Army/Air Force/Coast Guard? Hell if I know. I can tell you one thing, he doesn't know either. My dad is farther from the military than Clinton was in the late 60s.)

Ok. First military? Totally not my thing. None of it interests me. None of it motivates me, and with the current stuff going on in I-FREAKIN-RAQ, I kind of don't want to sign myself over to the government. Especially because I am not necessarily for the war.

Second of all, where the fuck does he get off on that this is a good idea? He has never had any military interest. In fact, the only emotion my dad has ever displayed towards the military was when he wanted to courtmartial my mom's husbad because they had an affair on him. He never went to 'nam (he was partially deaf, but I know him and there is no way he would have gone anyway.)

Still, he won't stop trying to convince me to join. He won't shut up about it. I tell him "no, I am against it" and then he gets mad and says "you always trash my advice." yeah. He decided that since I don't want to enlist in an ALREADY CONTROVERSIAL CAREER CHOICE, that means I always trash any suggestion he has to say.

Well, I guess I'll wait 'till his mom gets home. Because I have the perfect weapon, a Jewish Grandmother (JG). No way would a JG EVER approve of anyone in the family doing anything that could get them hurt, be it using a can opener, driving past 7 PM, or risking getting their head blasted off in the Middle East or elsewhere.

I'm a 23 year old female, I am so sensitive to any kind of blood or injury that I can't even watch movies with the slightest bit of gore, I have no interest in engineering/machines/math/science-type stuff, I have no interest in SIGNING OFF ALL MY RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN (I keep trying to tell dad that), etc.

ok. off to bitch to the grandma and start a cloud of family drama that will successfully take the attention off of my real issues for a while.
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Why is everyone so nasty to person3? Be nice.
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