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The last time i had the unfortunate encounter with emotional numbness for 5 months 4 years ago seems now like a walk in the park for me. Back then i didn't know about this website, i didn't know about how long some people are suffering with this and i didn't know it's so hard to get out of this. I was lucky i got on a med which completely cured me after only 5 months. Now i'm 8 months in no sign of getting better.. doctors don't know how to help and don't give a shit anymore. I'm helpless, my parents are helpless.. everybody is. There are people living life normally with this or are able to function but i am not ..i'm probably the weakest of all numb people. I can't believe I have an illness which robs me of everything. I finished my training as a doctors assistant before i got into this shit again and broke up with my boyfriend..all i wanted was to work.. finally save some money and enjoy beeing i'm left with noooo fucking emotions unable to do anything i had planned because there is just no point in it. It's not fair it's just so fucked up ..i tried a lot of meds already..i just have little hope left one of the few remaining meds will work wonders like 4 years ago and give me my emotions back at least a little.. otherwise i refuse to keep on living this fucked up life i was given ! End of vent.
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