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so i had a setback with my anxiety two
months ago, before that i was starting to feel better but was still quite confused about how recovery happens when you have anxiety and DP together.

during my setback i new i probably had about 3-6 months before my anxiety would be nearly gone, during the first two months as symptoms started to peel away i started to feel really grounded at times, to my old self, felt pretty much 90% back to the old me but yet i still could not shift my dp nor accept it, it was like that level of consciousness didn’t support dp acceptance or something like that, i experienced this before but it took me a couple years before where this time it took me 2 months, i realised during this point that my anxiety had to end with dp not end with the anxiety with dp going first which sucked as i so badly wanted to hold onto those feelings of being grounded to myself and my emotions. right now for maybe the past 2-3 weeks my dp has been pretty shit again and going back and forth between feeling grounded and dp’d it’s almost like there is a shift happening where my dp is taking primary position over my anxiety which was primary on the first two months this stage causes so much confusion to myself as it feels like i’m becoming ungrounded to recover which fries my head, i remember last time after this stage i felt better again and continued to get better, but fuck i almost miss the anxiety as it completely grounded me at times and that sucks that if the dp wasn’t there then that would be my recovery point, but it just wasn’t meant to be as after a while of those nice days and feelings i could feel
the dp almost going come on we’ve gotta go back the other way a bit to recover now and i’m finding that hard again as i really don’t want to loose that connected feeling i get that my anxiety gives me, it’s like anxiety is over connection and dp is obviously massive disconnection, i think i’d rather feel too connected then disconnected 😅
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