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So today I had an exam in this large building, called the Math Emporium here at Virginia Tech. It is a huge room with hundreds of computers, and I started freaking out a bit when I was waiting to go in there, and then when I was in there, i was sure I would get bad dp/dr/panic. When I was taking my exam, I got panicky, but I managed to stave off the full attack, and take the exam all the way through, and I got a 92 on it. I'm hoping this will help me remember that I can beat this thing, that I can control how I feel, and that I can get over the panic, that it's not going to kill me or drive me crazy. Who knows, but i felt dp for a while after the exam and I'm feeling a bit dp'd now. I dunno, i thought maybe it was a bit of a battle won, that I stuck it out and didn't just rush through the rest of the answers to get done.
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