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A small rant about doctors...

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It's unbelievable that next to nothing is known about this pathology we all share. That's one of the worst things about DP.....that doctors and everyone else gives you a look like a "deer in headlights" when you mention it. It pisses me off so bad that it's conflated with anxiety. Clearly, we are not anxious 24/7, but have anxiety as a secondary element to this BS.

I don't think anything is ever going to change in the medical research community, because they are all in a big circle jerk over us as all having primarily an anxiety disorder.
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there is another one in Germany specialised on DP which is in Mainz. I have not met anyone who has had any experience with this clinic but I have read the book published by Dr. Michal. I agree with Eddy1886, the Maudsley Institute offers a private Programm over Skype, the assesment for two hours is allone GBP 400. After that you can purchase a set of Skype sessions which cost a fortune as well. Amazing, despite the costs the waiting list for this programm is several months.
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