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A serious questions....

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I'm not trying to invade on your private lifes, but I have to see how many people go through this.

After sex, does your DP/DR get worse? For some reason, mine hits hard and my husband is really concern. So I thought I would see if any of you have this happen the them. Or do you know what brings on bad attacks of DP/DR?

(I'm not trying to be gross, this is a real serious question)
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i find this happens to me, i think it may be down to the fact that during sex you are relaxed and your mind is obviously not focussing on the dp.....but when its over theres a rush of adrenaline that brings it back to extreme measures which is really dull and spoils the moment...puts you off the whole bloody thing :?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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