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A poet dies in me..

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Mental. I've just found out that a piece of my poetry I wrote a while back, in a fit of self-loathing, is going to be published in a book called 'Body and Soul'. Can you believe it? I spend years writing 'A Tranquil Breeze' (which I've still got a month of torture to wait to find out if I've won the literary prize) yet some six line misery get's snapped up straight away. As I've got copyright on it, I am allowed to reproduce it here.

Darkest Day. (C) Martin Horton.

Every silver lining has a cloud,
The sunniest day is mostly shadow,
My emotions run like a lifeless stream,
I face the world ashamed and callow.

Out in the street I am greeted again,
By the familiar heaving mass of fear and pain,
Clogging up the streets with hearts of rope,
Stained with misery and rain.

Above me the sky lies low over my head,
Grey and lifeless and devoid of threat,
Darkest day,
I think and dread.

So, rush out to the shops in March and buy a copy. Body and Soul, published by United Artist Press.!!!!!!!!!

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Why do you say that the poet dies inside you?

PS: keep us updated about what happens to "A Tranquil Breeze"
Ok :)

Did you, by any chanse, ment "I am loosing my talent as a poet"?
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