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I wrote this agesssssss ago when I first started feelin' down again so here's a poem of hope.....

If I could take the stars from out of the skies,
I'd replace them with the stars of hope in your eyes,
If I could remove all your hurt and pain,
I'd make sure that you never got hurt again,
If I could mend your broken heart,
I'd make sure it was never torn apart,
If I could take away all your fears,
I'd gladly replace your smiles with tears,
If I could help you along the stony path,
It'd turn to a moonlight ribbon of hope and happy aftermath,
All I can do is try to understand,
The pain in your heart and I'd take your hand,
And lead you to,
A place so open and so new,
A place where you can be you,
All we can do is fight on and on,
This journey we are led upon,
Wasted tears,
Lost years,
Would turn to memories to smile,
And reminisce with others for a while,
I cant say I know what you're going through,
But this poem is from me to you,
To show you how much I care,
And even though I'm not physically there,
I can help, guide and show you the way,
Until comes along our dying day........

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"If I could remove all your hurt and pain,
I'd make sure that you never got hurt again,"

"A place so open and so new,
A place where you can be you,"

Wonderful concepts to think about, d.roses. I felt your poem.


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You wrote a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it with us. It truly touches the heart. In this illness we are in a painful place at times and hope is so important for all of us who are suffering. Each new day brings us another chance of possibly being able to find a cure for what we suffer. I have looked up at the stars at night so many times and said just give me hope, give me strength to get through another day. I believe we will all be well again some day. We will find answers that will help us. I have a ccepted that I am in dp/dr and have been for awhile and I do not know when I will come out of this but living life with the illness is what I am now trying to do. I do not spend as much time now trying to fix it, I am now learning to live with it and do the best I can until that day that I know how to cure what I live.

Poetry is a wonderful way to express. It helps heal. When you look at the words you are looking at you. They are your words and it tells a bit about who you are, keeping in touch with onself through writing is wonderful medicine. Keep writing.

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