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A new year is almost here. With a new year comes hope, hope for many things, hope that maybe this year there will be answers to this illness in which we live, hope that there will be more undertanding and kindness from those who do not understand.

I would like to thank you Revelation for giving us hope everyday here at this site, without it life would be a little bit lonlier. We would not have the chance to meet others who truly understand how we feel and to be able to help each other get through another day. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and kind words throughout the year.

I wish everyone a peaceful and happy new year. Do something nice for yourselves, give yourself a pat on the back because to me you are all human beings with alot of strength, kindness and courage and the hard work you put into being well is admirable.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, you deserve all the happiness life has to offer.


Yea i understand what ur feeling, but i dont believe in relying on other people to solve our problems with chemicals. I believer this thing with a name can be conquered by ourselves with natural ways. Take a stand and fight for yourself people. You are conscious enough to do your own research. With effort, hope, and intelligence im sure we could all get rid of it. Hey if a cure comes then im all for it, but i wouldn't rely on it. With the New Year we gain new strength,. This site has helped with the sharing of information towards a goal of relievement ( ?) for our situation. I took the information provided from the success stories and used it to my situation and it works quite well, my DP is gone and my DR has significantly dropped. This is my schedule for the day,
Wake up take 2 pills of Selenium, 1 pill of 5 htp( highly recommended), Take 1 pill of Ginkgo Bilobo for memory(memory is better than it was when i was normal now.) Then i sit down drink tea with lemon, (Stress Reliever) Here is a list of all the things that help me with my DR.
Excersice,working out at the gym
5 Htp(Mood Enhancer)
St. Johns Wort(Mood Stabilizer)
Selenium(Cleans ur system, makes u more active and motivated.)
Vitamin E and Zinc ( Makes feel more alive)
Melatonin ( Sleep Aid) Feel better when u wake up
Protein Shake(Makes u feel better and gives u an energy boost)
9 hours of sleep More is not necessarily good for you
Good Nutrition, Vegitables,Fruits,Steaks, Salads, No candy, No junk food because it is really junk.
I think we should keep this place positive and healthy. Sometimes all i see is negativity and sadness. Those vitamins/supplements will help u get over the sadness and help u get ur life back without the use of meds, If u take them every morning. Cmon guys lets all wake up and change our lives, maybe the goal is not getting back to who u were before but becoming someone much better. Happy New Year. :p
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