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Hello, friends.

I write to you from Moscow, Russia.

Some time ago, faced with the problem of derealization (in Russia it is called exactly, the word "depersonalize" is rare). Like many on this forum, read a lot about literature and understand how to deal with DP/DR. Not going to put a label on it, everything is clear - it is necessary to forget, to take "it" status as it is, all by itself will take place. Let's say, in the first 1-2 months I almost understood nothing, was really bad. Then on Russian forums (we have very little, about DP/DR. I know a few) began to read the stories of others. And began to understand what was going on and what is going on with me. By the way, DP-DR I have had only 2 times. For the first time in December 2014, I didn't understand what was happening to me, and it was held for 10 days.

The first 3-4 days was an ass, more easier + easier + easier and in the end I just "forgot" about the condition. Everything was fine until April when I picked up a strong marijuana. Smoked and overdosed. Kept about 5 hours. The next day - strange confusion and vagueness of thinking (laughter). And then I remembered that it already was, and he worked himself so that even I could not sleep from the stress, everything inside was jammed, fell asleep with difficulty, to Wake up not wanted at all, since it was repeated again and again. I am from Belarus, was born here, but had to leave her to Moscow (Russia). Already here, in Moscow, I felt a complete set of "surprises" from DP-DR, so I started looking and trying to get out of it. came across a book Sean o'connor about the depersonalization, have read and understood what to do.

What exactly do every day. With its help, I began to forget again about DP-PD, believe me, it works. In General, the essence of the question - DP-DR felt weak, only when I focus. But prevents the other thing is the dizziness. Here it actually prevents much. Constantly feeling dizzy and nausea. My mother is a doctor, said that may be degenerative or whatnot. In General, finally go to the doctor and be checked. What I want to say to those who are faced with DP-Jr: it seems terrible, it seems that I understood nothing and reality as if falls out of you. But the key is time + lowering attention to DP-PD. the less thinking about it, the less it bothers you. Ideally - completely forget (to get used to this condition), and then do not even understand how it went and when. Now only care about the strong internal dizziness that often have to lie on the bed.

Can't understand what it is. Tell me,someone at the DP-DR was dizziness? Yes, forgot to ask, your forum is fully American, or people comes here from other countries around the world? Just I have been creating websites in the country, the webmaster, so in the future will create the first site in Russia about DP-PD. In America, I guess that's a symptom know a lot, and the doctors know what to advise. But this is not enough.

It is for this reason I will create a website about the history and stories of people, chopaholic DP-PD. By the way, in Russia there is an analogue of Facebook - called "VK.COM" in this social network came across a group of Pro DP-DR, many people write the same thing and many come out of this situation. there I met people who went from DP-PD. If someone is interested, here is the link - for the active link, the moderators. Use the translator, you can read the history. I've been on this forum probably the first Russian, so please shed some light on these 2 questions: 1) severely dizzy and nauseous. Could this be when the derealization? 2) many complain about not being able to remember the "normal" state without DR, so I can not understand, they came from him or not. How to look at this problem?

Thanks guys best regards from Russia.
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