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A little more about my Tom Cruise rant

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I did some research about the Church of Scientology after finding out Tom Crusie was a devote member of. No wonder he denounces psychiatry since it is the Church's no.1 enemy. I stumbled upon this great site which tries to inform the public about the dangers of this Church, and that it posts many many secret documents ( including many written by hand from L.Ron Hubbard himself).

All I can say is that this religion/philosophy is just as dangerous as it claims psychology and psychiatry to be.

What a load of sci-fi crap. And off course there is some sort of a deal between the church and all these stupid celebs that are members.

Anyway, yes psychology/psychiatry has a long ways to go before it solves and solidifies any claims. However to say that psychiatry/psychology is a pseudo science is quite effrontery.

All sciences started out as hypotheses, and went through an abudant amount of trial and error before any kind of fact could be declared. This is what is going on with these Anti-depressants. There are side-effects which can be very bad for some and we truly do not know if they can cause some permanent changes. However this is the price you have to pay for science. Without mistakes there can be no progress. Yes, I understand that the pharmaceutical companies make big $$$ of these drugs and probably want people to be depressed, anxious, etc however to give such a label to all the millions of psychologists, researchers who are doing all this work just because of the few big drug companies is an insult. Im sure that there are plenty of researchers/psychologists who really are passionate about there work and want to make a difference.

There are many theories in astronomy and many facts that need to be sought out, yet we do not dare to call it a pseudo-science.

You need to start somewhere and starting with chemical imbalances starts like a good starting point,

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Scientolgists need to be publically flogged with a large piece of prosciutto ham, tar and feathered like they did in the American west, and then paraded through the streets of NYC with everyone pointing fingers and laughing at them like the ancient "walk of shame". All Scientology headquarters will susbsequently turned into convention centers for "trekkies", or Star Trek nerds as they're also known, and playgrounds for Dungeons and Dragons misfits.
Lighten up scattered!!!! Don't take it all so serious. If I offended you, please let me make it up by inviting you take a lovely dinner at Wolfgang Puck's five star restaurant, followed by a Gondola ride down Newport Harbor, and finally a hot Turkish steam bath.
Wow...totally bitchin"!!!! Sounds like those Japanese monster movies I used to watch as a kid, with Ultraman and clan of other Ultramen(Ultra 7, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Jack) coming back to earth to work with the Monster Task Force stationed in Tokyo. Or the Epic battles between Mecha-Godzilla vs. Ghidorah/Rodan/Gigan.
1 - 3 of 68 Posts
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