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A little more about my Tom Cruise rant

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I did some research about the Church of Scientology after finding out Tom Crusie was a devote member of. No wonder he denounces psychiatry since it is the Church's no.1 enemy. I stumbled upon this great site which tries to inform the public about the dangers of this Church, and that it posts many many secret documents ( including many written by hand from L.Ron Hubbard himself).

All I can say is that this religion/philosophy is just as dangerous as it claims psychology and psychiatry to be.

What a load of sci-fi crap. And off course there is some sort of a deal between the church and all these stupid celebs that are members.

Anyway, yes psychology/psychiatry has a long ways to go before it solves and solidifies any claims. However to say that psychiatry/psychology is a pseudo science is quite effrontery.

All sciences started out as hypotheses, and went through an abudant amount of trial and error before any kind of fact could be declared. This is what is going on with these Anti-depressants. There are side-effects which can be very bad for some and we truly do not know if they can cause some permanent changes. However this is the price you have to pay for science. Without mistakes there can be no progress. Yes, I understand that the pharmaceutical companies make big $$$ of these drugs and probably want people to be depressed, anxious, etc however to give such a label to all the millions of psychologists, researchers who are doing all this work just because of the few big drug companies is an insult. Im sure that there are plenty of researchers/psychologists who really are passionate about there work and want to make a difference.

There are many theories in astronomy and many facts that need to be sought out, yet we do not dare to call it a pseudo-science.

You need to start somewhere and starting with chemical imbalances starts like a good starting point,

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why dont you lay off on the scientology stuff. Nobody is debating that its a bunch of bs. I think we can all agree on that.

Youre going to get a an arguement tho when you try to compare psychiatry to science. How scientific is a profession that literally votes in disease titles and treats them with drugs that have absolutely no proven mechanism?

I dont agree that this is a science that is slowly advancing. The only thing I see advancing is their marketing strategies.

Not until they can prove their diseases and have a full understanding of how their drugs work, will I ever consider any of this a science. Until then I only consider it greed and wrecklessness.

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All religions were created because of mans fear of the unknown. Im guilty of being a bit spiritual at times but in my opinon anybody who simply accepts the current religions as "gospel" is a f-f-f-f-f-f-ool.
I think it safe to say the p3 is the naive one. Either that or shes so doped up on her beloved rec and psych drugs that she doesnt know what shes saying(typing). Something has to explain her posts.
Hi Rula,

Im sorry to hear that. I thought I remembered you saying you were taking klonopin. Im glad to hear you are tapering slowly. Im sure you will do fine.

I was naive and I trusted doctors. I didnt do the proper research about the drug they were so willing to give me. I was warned that benzos were addictive but my doctor told me that if I truly had anxiety there was a good chance I wouldnt become dependent. Boy, does that make sense??? he didnt explain to me that benzos are physically and psychologically addicting. Nobody is immune to physical addiction. Its just so insane to me how doctors are so willing to exchange one problem(anxiety, which can be dealt with without drugs) for alot bigger one(addiction). It just sends you out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I forgot to ask you something. When did you first experience chronic dp/dr? Was it before or after the klonopin? Ive read alot of stories of people who have picked up this symptom while on these drugs or in withdrawal and after they are off and given some time for their brain to "heal", the dp went away.

Ray Nimmo( told me he first experinced dp/dr in withdrawal from valium and had it 24-7 for 18 straight months. One day he said he woke up and it was gone and that was the beginning of his valium withdrawal recovery.

I still feel dp/dr is related to sertonin and Ive always wondered if benzos reduce the output of serotonin which causes thes symptoms of depression, anxiety and even dp/dr. It just takes along time for the brain to get back to its pre-drug state.

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