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Greetings to everyone here.

I have been a lurker on this site for a long time and wanted to join and say hi and thank you for all the knowledge that I have been given.

I wanted to tell you a little about me and also some of the treatments/drugs that I have been on that may be unique to what I have seen posted.

I am a 36yr old male and have had DP for 15+ yrs. Not knowing what it was scared the crap out of me, and doctors thought it was just depression. I took part in the early FDA trials of Xanax and found Nirvana! I didnt know why it worked, but it did. I spent the next 10yrs heavily addicted to it.

I dont know what or when my DPD came on, but I dont beleive it was drug or achohol related. I never was a drinker and only did a little pot in my teens. I did do a decent amount of Nitros Oxide (and my attacks kinda remind me of that same feeling of being on a N20 high).

Without getting into to much detail right away, I have seen too many doctors. I have a excellent shrink who is willing to try anything and speak with anyone to help. My current diagnosis are, DPD, Alexithymia (look it up as it is very close to DPD http://www.self-injury-abuse-trauma-dir ... thymia.htm ), Multiple Sensory Neuropothies (I cant feel/taste/smell at all) and Hypersonmia.

I have tried most of the drugs listed by everyone else, and Clonopin is the only saving grace in the bunch. I had a short amount of success with Parnate (a MAOI), but as with most drugs my body overcame it quickly. Currently my neurologist is putting me on Xyrem, (GBH), to induce sleep at night as I can not stay awake during the day. Yup, GBH is that good old date rape drug, now approved by the FDA!

As far as tests go I have done multiple Sleepstudies, MSLT's, EEG's, EMG and just finished a fMRI and SPECT Scan. Test are great, but unless there is a treatment plan, they are worthless. The SPECT Scan showed a large part of my brain is not being used as much as it should be. The doctor attributes this to possibly some sort of Neuro-Toxin. All he suggested was Omeaga-3 Fatty Acids..

My medical file is huge, and I normally send it ahead of time to any new doctors. I do plan on going out to see Dr. Simeon early in 2005. I refuse to let this thing take me down....

Still waiting for special blood work on the Sensory Neuropothies as to what may be causing them. I can stick a needle in my finger and not feel it. Not fun at all... I think it is all related to the DP tho....

I will agree with most people here, most doctors suck and will just write you off if they cant figure you out. That is their nature. It takes a special type of doctor to take a intrest in you before you will get anywhere!

The information and people on this forum are the best anywhere and it has
provided me with so much help....

Fyi, my current cocktail list is:
3mg Clonopin
25mg Topomax
300 Wellbutrin (planning on changing)
64mg Concerta
Injectable Testosterone (my levels are in the toilet!)

So just wanted to say hi and introduce myself!
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