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You know what I find interesting? I wonder if all of us knew what we know now about dp/dr and panic and anxiety back when we first had an attack if we would be stuck with it now. If we were able to just float plast it and focus outward in our first attack of dp/dr, would we be stuck with this disorder now? Just a thought running through my head. It also makes me think about how much of this we trap ourselves's all the cycling thoughts and the self monitoring...all of this, it's like learning to crawl, again...getting back to the mindset before we started this cycle of dp/dr. Just a few late night thoughts.

Ye that is interesting, as when I went into the state of DR, I never new what it was, so I started having panic attacks, because I new something must be wrong with my Brain, so I started thinking I was going to die etc, then when I read about panic attacks and DR, I stopped having panic attacks completely, I'm stuck in DR though, maybe because I am still not 100% that's whats happened to me, in the back of my mind, there are still many thoughts about Brain Diseases/Strokes Damage to my Brain from something, even VIRAL Damage! (I saw a program on one guy who was struck down by a virus that left him with a seven second memory!!!!) I think maybe if I was 100% that the run of events was simple (Prolonged Stress ----> Unexplained State Of DR -----> Anxiety/Panic -----> Stronger State Of DR ----> Depression) then maybe I could really just relax and not worry about the DR, I just find it hard not to worry about it as its here 24/7 to me I have to live like it and it does bug me allot, panic attacks I found much easier to rid myself of just by understanding them.

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