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Sociopaths only use their "heads", all other components of awareness are switched off, including CONSCIENCE.

My head is switched off. A blank turned off TV.

I'm running on petrol from my gut, a swirling mass of dark emotional fuel.

I'm trying my HARDEST to write in a cerebral fashion. It's the only way I'll get well.

My lack of Analytical thought (That BARRIER of thought that helps you make judgement calls), was wiped when I was 5, so I am very loose on "normal" thinking tonight. My judgement of ANYTHING is "observation" only, basic pictures. I'm being cerebral (as cerebral as possible) so that I can try to link better as a full human, and not exhaust and stress myself all day, like I've done for my whole life.

No-one is answering me here tonight. My anxiety is rising and rising, bubbling and bubbling like hot steam in my gut as I smother it into a forgotten ball. It hurts.

Cerebral Ghost is here. And everyone is departed. If I am well, does it rub everyone up the wrong way? I dont know how you percieve me. I just "am", I have no clue of anything

Do I have to act like an emotional animal AGAIN? And flounder miserably???

I hope I haven't made a spelling mistake.. They kill me

Do I make people tired when I write like this? I've had extreme fatigue since I was 14 and no-one cared.

Is it OK if I stop "running on emotion", or is there some kind of unspoken DEAL here?
I'm purely emotional, and have no judgement, can someone "lead" me clear? Or not
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