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A Bit Better

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I hate to write this, because I'm one of those people that thinks if i write something positive, little gnomes are waiting to unfold all these bad things for me, but I've been feeling a bit better recently. I can tell you all that the only thing that works is focusing outward, ignoring the feelings by distraction. I won't lie, I'm still feeling dp on and off, but it's not as bad, knock on wood. The other thing that has worked for me is letting myself feel my emotions, not suppressing them and thinking it's "wrong" to be angry or upset or jealous or whatever.
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As an aside to this post, I was just listening to an indigo girls song and there was a line "I was hell-bent on agony"...this made me think a lot about myself. I think that many of us, even if we don't want to admit it, or even if we don't know it, are hell bent on agony, because we somehow feel that it makes us better people, or somehow justified in some way or another. We sabotage ourselves all the time when it comes to happiness. I know i have and do. Just an interesting thought.
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