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I feel yet I don?t know how to feel.
I feel angry today, and instead
of really feeling angry, I head to the corner store to buy beer.
Bob says hey,
how are you? I say hey Bob, I?m fine, how are you?
He replies the same. We always say the same thing every time I walk into his store.
I?m fine, you?re fine. We?re all fine, yet I am rather upset today.

I go to the beer section, like I usually do when I've decided that I don?t want to feel it, whatever it is.
Bob is always there, happy-go-lucky as always.
I get a few bottles, they rattle in the fridge. Bob takes the money,
I take the change.
We laugh about some news of the day but all I can really think of is getting back home
as soon as possible. To be away from him
And then to be away from the street
the cars
the people that shuffle by, the sounds, and the lights
To be home, away from everything and let the beer numb me instead
a pause
To not feel anymore.

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I think that is great what you wrote. It describes a typical DP/DR day doesn't it. You know Janine If you see what I am writing here.Maybe you should collect some of the better creative writing by DP/DR People and put out a collection book. It would be cool!

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