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Progress! And it didn't even require much work.

It gets easier to recover once you've set your goals and stick to them. My dp was a result of anxiety, and my first goal was to reduce the stress in my life. That's hard for a lot of us because we might feel like there is literally nothing we can change about our everyday life. But once you start to locate the little stressers and learn to let them go, recovery begins to seem possible.

I had my last therapy session this week. It was due to the fact that I'm on a budget to save for moving expenses in 3 months, but if I thought I really needed to continue with it, I would. I feel like I've gotten everything out of therapy that I sought. I reveled in my past, thought about my future and learned how to improve the present. I realized that therapy isn't the cure, it's just a brick in the road to recovery. It's a great foundation to build from and had I not gone to therapy I'd probably be a few miles behind.

At this point, dp is no longer a dominating thing in my life. If I tried, I'm sure I could get it back, but just as easily I could watch it go. I've taught myself that it is useless and not important and holds no relevance in my life. Dp is a pointless "emotion" because it literally does nothing good for you. It just keeps your mind occupied with fear and makes you believe that you must constantly think about it. But think about this instead; for one day you don't experience dp. For one day you are free to stop giving it any attention and your mind gets a break. Okay, now your break is over and you have to think about it again. So what's the difference in the two days? You were still the same person, those thoughts were still something you once made important, but what is the difference? The difference is nothing other than your state of mind. There ate no consequences to stopping the negative thought process. In the contrary, only good things come from it! So if you could choose between those two days, which one would you choose? I'm guessing the first day. That's what I chose.

You see, you're making it more complicated than it really is. You say "it's not that easy" and "not everyone is as proactive or as positive as you are" but you're wrong. Positivity beams from me like a flood light because I chose recovery. I didn't always think I would be this far into a normal life, just like I'm sure you feel like you won't ever get there either, but this is how it feels to be so far into recovery. You feel positive, and you are sure that anyone can feel this way.

So 90%. You might be asking why I don't feel 100 when I'm so sure of nut progress. Well to be fair to myself, I still think about dp every day. I still wake up every morning assessing how I feel, and I still check on myself throughout the day, but I'm always just fine. 100% to me is not even asking myself how I feel because I won't have to. I think it'll take me a while to get used to a life without plotting my day around dp, but it's a slow process. It's the price I pay for a happy life, and I'll gladly wait as long as I need to.
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