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Hey everyone.
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I chose this entry picture because sufferers of DP and DR often think it will never end. And then one day it does. I just thought it was an inspirational picture for those that are convinced this will never end. IT WILL. Your body is designed to heal itself. But recovery is slow. Don't be discouraged. Recovering from DP or DR would be such a dramatic change that it'd probably instantly start a new episode of it. Your body has to transition out of it. Now for some coping skills!

1. I just found out this one today. I think it might be a key to my recovery, it worked so well. READING. Just pick up a book and read. Don't be scared if you can't concentrate or remember everything. I was so worried about that and stopped reading for 7 months. Then I read today and it felt so great. Your mind is so filled with words that there's no time for DP/DR.

2. Supplements- Fish oil pills. Enough said, take them if you aren't already. They work wonders for some people. I personally have never tried it but EVERYBODY recommends it to me so I'm just putting it out there.

3. Have someone to talk to. This one is huge. Choose one person you trust (it can even be me, I give my number out for people... Not sure if that's allowed on this forum but I do it anyway, haha,) and just tell them how you're feeling. Get reassurance from them. Get tips. Get advice. Get security and safety. It helps put your mind at ease knowing somebody gets you.

As for my recovery:

My Celexa recently stopped working and I got kicked out of my house for a day. So my depression and anxiety came back so badly the past couple days. I went to my doctor to see if there was anything she could do and she switched me to Lexapro. I've been on it for two nights so far and simultaneously weaning off of Celexa. I also got a good nights sleep last night and I woke up refreshed and with my DR about 50-75% gone throughout the day. I felt so much better. I'm not sure if its the Lexapro, the sleep, or that my stress levels have gone down a bit but I do feel better. My relapse with depression and anxiety really got me hard though and I do feel I may never recover fully. I so hope that it's just my anxiety talking and my obsessive thinking from it. But anyway, that's my progress for the week. Everybody stay strong.

This is how my blog will be organized!

The first part will be about the entry picture, second part is tips on recovery and coping skills. And the third part is my recovery process.

Thanks for reading and always, message me with feedback.
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(Comments are disabled, I like one-on-one conversations. They're more efficient and I can help everybody individually.)

Stay strong and keep fighting everybody!
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