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Hello everyone. This is my first blog entry of my progress.
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This entry will be mostly based around how I want this blog to function, how often it will be updated, what it will contain, tips on recovery, and how recovery is going for me.

So lets start this out right! My name is Coryn. I am 17 years old and I have had DR for about 7 months now. It first started with an anxiety attack that led to an insane anxiety disorder and that led to depression. I was miserable. I thought my life was completely empty. I had no hope that this would get better. Sometimes, I still get caught up in that poisonous way of thinking. That ill never be okay again. But something amazing happened to me a week ago. I decided.... "Fuck DR. I'm going to set a goal to be better by. And I'm not allowed to check on my recovery until that very day. And if I'm not recovered... So what? Ill make a new goal." I'm going to keep doing this until I have made a full recovery. After a few days of staying positive, I woke up one morning and just wanted to CRY. Hard. Because I was.... Happy? What's happiness? DP and DR sufferers don't know the feeling anymore. I was so excited. I thought about my boyfriend and I felt.... Love? My emotional numbness was going away? But that's impossible. I'm doomed to a life of this hell, why do I feel better? Well, ladies and gentleman, it's because I am recovering. And so can you. Ill help each and every single one of you who reads this. Comments are disabled for a reason. It's because if you have a question, I want you to get a positive and direct answer from me. My inbox is always open. I check it each morning and night. Do not be afraid to message me, I do have great tips on beating this. From the best iPhone apps to breathing techniques. Just because I'm not fully recovered doesn't mean that I can't help yet. I feel the positivity and I want to spread it. I think it will help my recovery in the long one.

Okay, so to explain the blog!
I will update it every single Friday. No specific time but always on friday!
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progress comes in weeks so it's pointless to make this a daily blog.

Each blog will have an entry picture. It will always be inspirational, sweet, beautiful, and just something you can look at to know you're not alone.

Each blog will contain some tips on recovery. I'm going to start out with 3 today since its just blog number one and I'm not sure if my audience is large or not.
- Watch the movie Numb. You will be able to relate to the character. The movie shows that DP doesn't have to stop you from living your life.
- GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Take a twenty minute walk every single day. Listen to music during. Happy music. It's calming and you want those endorphins rushing through your body.
- Stay away from caffeine unless you know you tolerate it well. It promotes energy. AND ANXIETY. Stay away from it. Skip that cup of joe in the morning and have yourself some nice cold water or fresh juice. It does your body good.

As for how I am today...
I'm anxious and tired. But my DR feels at bay at the moment. I can focus pretty well and my emotions are still at the surface. So despite the anxiety, today is a good day. My distraction today is going out to dinner with my boyfriend and seeing Hangover 3. I love movies. I swear, my recovery would be so far away if if weren't for movies. They're a great way to keep your mind off of all this.

PM me if you read this. It's my first blog so it's going to be a bit messy. (I'm also typing this out on my phone.) I would love suggestions on how to make it more organized, things to add to the blog, and of course just stop by and give me your feedback. I'd like to make sure people actually read the blog before I continue with it. I agreed to making 4 blog entries and if nobody reads them, I delete the blog. So don't forget to message me!
I wish you all the best if days.
Cheers for entry number 1- I promise the next one will be more organized!<3


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