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Hello people,so glad I found this forum.

It feels like I ve been detached from myself for so long it's become normal; I ve been sleep walking through life,the odd moments of "togetherness" being few and far between. Drug and alcohol abuse have exacerbated this,plus the negative social feedback that being looked upon as a bit of a prick.

A friend's recent diagnosis of cancer and starting chemo has made me finally realise enough is enough-I ve got to get stronger for her at least.

My dp started in childhood-mum was hard,distant,looking back probably permanently depressed. Never new my dad (even his name); what kept me vaguely sane was my gran,who did show warmth. I remember needing some comfort from mum,and a deep,calm voice in my head saying "no help there",and a splitting,ripping feeling. Somehow got educated (Bsc Psychology) but during teacher training I did slip into psychosis (full blown paranoia).

I ve concluded my main battle is the deep down anxiety and insecurity. Im not looking for some "magic bullet" anymore;it's just good to be able to be this open in a place where people understand.

Good luck to us all.
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