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5 years with DR

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I log into this site periodically—usually when I’m having a harder time with DR. I had the realization that the main reason I’m so heavily depressed and su1c1dal is because of this disorder. There’s so many other factors that bring me down, but if I didn’t struggle so much with Derealization I’d be able to tackle most of my issues with a lot more will and determination. It’s been years of having to explain DP/DR to people who’ve never heard of what I’m talking about and who have a difficult time understanding, empathizing, and taking it seriously. I’m tired.
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On a similar vein, I've been dealing with loneliness even though I'm quite socially active with those around me and at work with customer service. I get to where I feel that there's nobody to validate or relate to with what I'm going through. It doesn't help that a lot of the symptoms I experience are cross a very wide spectrum. Can't blame others for not knowing what they don't know, though. I suppose strangers on a forum will have to do.
Definitely can’t blame anyone for not knowing better. Just have a hard time finding people who can empathize with what I go through day to day.. and not to put the focus on the people around me because the objective is to obviously make my well-being a priority.. but it’s inevitable not to feel worse when you just can’t seem to find the right kind of support and graciousness from the people in your life. But you’re right. Happy to at least have the ability to log on and feel heard every time I interact with everyone here. 🥹
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