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I know exactly what you mean by lack of nostalgia.(im struggling to write a reply,im trying to say the right thing and be politically correct).This is a core issue for me as well,and honestly,although i feel 'normal' again,there is a bit of a void,or an emptiness there that i cant and wont lie to you about.Its the 'ask no questions and here no lies' aspect to my recovery that i have to deal with.In other words,there is a level of expectation that cant be reached or achieved.Its hard in a way,in fact,its an agnostic's paradise living like this.but I've learned to compensate in other aspects of my life.I have developed a massive sense of humour about things,in other words,you might as well laugh at the situation rather than cry at it.I have a massive understanding of people and the world we live in(conspiracy theories included!!).The one thing that I have to keep in check about this is that i dont turn into a cynical bastard,whinging at everything and everyone,moaning at new years eve and boaring everyone with existential philosophy.So if you think im making sense,do your best not to get angry and learn to accept the simple pleasures rather than harken back to days of youthfull and blissfull ignorance,which we all leave behind anyway as we get older.keep up your useful and encouraging posts,you make a lot of sense.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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