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Hey guys, I've had DPDR since March 4th. I took one measly hit of joint while at a concert, like a tiny hit, and I was instantly thrown into full blown panic and DPDR. Since then, I've experienced pretty much all of the typical symptoms.

-Terrible Memory

-No emotions

-No sense of time

-Feeling baked all of the time

I could go on forever with this but at this point I just don't know what to do. I got bloodwork and urine tests done and every single thing came back fine, so I have no idea where to go. The worst symptom is feeling like I'm high, like my vision feels like I'm not in real life, but some kind of dream / high state of mind. I have no idea how to fix this. I've gotten better since the onset of the condition, but idk if it actually got better or I just became less afraid of it. Idk why I even wrote this. I just want this to go away.

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Hey, sorry not many man this side of the forum... i'll reply.

Very common story.

I've done many tests and so have man. Brain, Bloods, you name it.

Anxiety and Depression, mainly ANXIETY hit you. If you are asking me * I AM NOT A DOCTOR * but yeah lower your anxiety, live well, get tablets up to you. hopefully this will fade!

Spaced out is the more anxiety side if you are asking me, i can only comment on my experience and what I know. You are NOT ALONE.

I've ran out of thoughts to tell you, but there is nothing wrong with you mentally or physically, we have tested our brains, bloods and vitamins, lower your anxiety, give your mind a break and i hope you will have no reason for an account, it will fade from your memory, not overnight unfortunately from most, but you had a bad experience, small shock to the brain call it, but it hasn't changed it, apart from you will NEVER be able to handle them. The memory and feeling will hopefully fade
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