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So this is my 3rd chronic DP/DR episode since it first started 8 years ago. I've beat it twice before. I hope this time it goes away. It feels harder than the last time. I wish I had some answers to why I have to feel this way and how I can get back to being normal again.....

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Mar 21 2013 04:50 PM

I know what you mean man. I'm 10 years in but the last 3 months it's been 24/7 which is new and totally shitty! But I read something in the forums that made me feel a little better, this dude actually calls everyone normies and looks at it like it's just us and them... I know it's weird but it seriously makes me feel better for some reason.

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May 17 2013 11:43 AM

Do you own the DP Manual? What resources do you have to help yourself recover again. I have also had full blown DP several times (over the past 20 years) and I have recently had a LITTLE relapse which is motivating me to finally create my self help CD for people with DP. I have made myself 4 CD's which have helped me to heal myself but now I want to modify them for the public. I want to give back to the DP community but also have something for myself when I relapse or feel like I am on the verge of relapsing to pull me back on track.
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