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30 meds - 7 years - Found my treatment

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Medications Tried, a lot to the max dose apart from AS:

Nothing for my DP:
Lithium, Depakote, Zoloft, Effexor, Vortioxitin, Elvanse, Guanfacine, Prozac, Lamotrigine (couldn’t tolerate), Ritalin (not for me), Ketamine (not DP style med at all). Buspirone /Promethazine/Buspirone/Diphenhydra was all awful IMO.

Quetiapine (50 to 800mg - Higher has mood boost but 800 was overkill), Olanzapine 20mg (weight gain!), Abilify, Risperdal, Shrooms both mini and doses (don't get in over your head, this cleared fog, but it would come back).

Really helped:
Mirtazapine 15mg + Olanzapine 20mg

Got me through rough times but doesn't fix a thing:
Diazepam, Clonazepam, and a year of 4mg of Xanax (withdrawal was 6 months of pure hell).

My personal story is not gonna be yours, turns out my Nervous System is breached (very rare).

On Ampitryline 60mg at the moment, does a few things for DP, it lowers everything, makes sure I get a body clock 12-7am (never had one before!), means I can fall asleep, stops some of the stimulation that anxiety was giving me. (if you have anxiety stimulating you 24/7, contact me, that's not just anxiety).

Gabapentin - 300x3 a day, I knew it was the right thing for me straight away, which is odd as it, after years of feeling funny in my head, I didn't think we'd ever find a matching piece to the puzzle. Don't get lost on the specifics, what works for me isn't really the point, however, It turned off my Anxiety from 24/7 to nothing, my depression, and anhedonia back to 0, and made me actually happy. I went from 80% on the Cambridge scale to a 12%;

You do you, but I only know one thing, that's being relentless and keep pushing forward. I'm recovering and it has nothing to do with anything other than the medication, when anxiety is a 0, dissociation is pushed back.

According to you some people "there is no medication to treat DP".

From my Neurologist;

The approach to stopping DP is usually isolating why the patient is living in high anxiety, in my case, it was the nervous system, so it was lowered with medication, Depersonalization, as a result, lowers and fades, it is just a symptom, not a condition.


1. Making appointments; Enquire and send them 1 page explaining how, when, and what your symptoms are, then ask if they'd like to take on the case, so many times I paid £250 for someone to listen and then say 'i dunno'.

2. Be honest with yourself and doctors, the more honest, the faster someone can figure out what's going on.

3. Psychiatrists can't recognize anything but mood disorders from the 30 I've met. For me, it wasn't until I got the right Neurologist. During this journey, I've met a lot of people, but by far the smartest people I've come in contact with was Neurologists, they tend to look at a wider picture, they seem to have way more power in prescribing, and you don't feel like hitting your head against a wall 100 times after you walk out of an appointment.

4. Get a talk therapist that you like, I went on google, emailed 5 explaining what I had, and what I wanted. My email was something like, I have these symptoms, but I don't want someone to say "and how does that make you feel" as I am numb and I can do that myself. This approach weeded out all the lab coat boring people and I found someone who I think I'll always go to, just to make sure my health and happiness is always evaluated from time to time, I've really grown to enjoy it, at the start it was hard, but it's a hard process.

5. If you are on the NHS, my advice unfortunately is to start saving and get good at writing letters to Health Ministers, Health Chiefs, MPs, GPs. I've had to or my case just kept drifting, no one is in control. Letter writing and going private from time to time was a must in my case.

6. If you are not working, you have two objectives; one, lower anxiety by going for walks, making plans on DP approach but then slowly, practicing distraction and eventually learning, even 15minutes a day. I learned so much being ill, subjects that I didn't know I even enjoyed, but more importantly, I've 7 years of knowledge, which will someday, be worthwhile.

Truth is, I get a fair few messages, I'm not here much, this is why people don't see the recovery stories as much as life doesn't pause, I also have chronic fatigue from having so much adrenaline for years, so I've other things to focus on, but when the blank mind bursts open as it has many times once the depression completely lifts, I'll write another, but honestly, i use to spend all day reading these, it's an anxious habit, you have anxiety, turn off the cycle.
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The difference which I should have outlined is they chucked a lot of psychiatric medication at something that needed a neurologist, took 7 years to find one, I walk in covered in sweat and the guy says, I’ve seen this and I’ve read your notes…but he did think my depression and anxiety came from psychiatry because I had so many medications under my belt, turned out gabapentin, 5th most popular drug but takes a neurologist it seems here to even consider it. It is odd as the more you read the more people find it cures a lot of random things if you respond, it’s almost a class of its own. People say lyrica is the same class but it’s not even close for what we need.

hope I gave you an idea of where i stand
Bingo “He is implying that anxiety and/or whatever causes overstimulation of the nervous system will result in DP”

If they had found my nervous system breach and neurology was first I’d have only tried 2 medications.

The medication is not a list of what to try. It’s how far it went till a Neurologist seen past it all. In my case I didn’t have an anxiety disorder, but I still had the symptoms and some of it I had to get past. Eg the reparative thoughts. Took a year of practice till one day that was gone.

I am not saying my stack will work for you. In fact I’d say the Mirtazapine + Olanzapine for anxiety and DP is a stronger bet. This isn’t about the medication, it’s about the concept.

A nervous system breach is so rare like this that means my medications will not take away your dp this is why my neurologist doesn’t believe there could be one as again, it’s a symptom that need professionals to work with you.
This is not a medication guide *
Eg I know someone who found Ritalin worked yet it made me worse, if anything I’m saying just don’t give up.
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