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27 year old M with DP for the last 4 years saying hi

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Hello everyone,
I am a 27 year old Male from Denmark who is currently experiencing what i would call chronic DP.
Long story short:
I took LSD for a while and upped the doses to a max of 200UG. I had a trip where i was actually almost normal again, and thats when i decided to try smoke a joint to call my nerves. This made me skyrocket into the trip again hallucinating in a matter i didn't think was possible. I was watching the move "Inside out" which can definitely fuck your mind up totally, which to say it did was an understatement.. I bad tripped and felt totally disconnected from time, place and body. This feeling stayed, and after this date i could never smoke marijuana again which i enjoyed in the past. Smoking weed made DP feel so intense that i just couldn't take ever smoking again. Now this DP feeling has stuck to me after also getting severe panic anxiety, and i am clueless of what to do with this. I have tried countless therapy sessions which worked for a while, however now i'm back again with anxiety and heavy DP.

Hope this forum can enlighten me a bit, and possibly sometime i can update you with me being "cured" for DP.
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It’s hard to tell what your personal cure for depression might be. I definitely advise getting to therapy and not giving up because there’s more to this life. This post proves one more time that weed is not a panacea that’s just going to save you from any nervous disease.
Weed or CBD oil might be a good option to relieve syndromes but not cure the core cause of the disease. You can do that only with hard work and therapy. It seems to be the only way. You might still keep stuff from near you at all times but not rely on it entirely.
You might get a pet to help you wake up in the mornings. This feeling of responsibility for another living being helped me to move forward.
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