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27 year old M with DP for the last 4 years saying hi

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Hello everyone,
I am a 27 year old Male from Denmark who is currently experiencing what i would call chronic DP.
Long story short:
I took LSD for a while and upped the doses to a max of 200UG. I had a trip where i was actually almost normal again, and thats when i decided to try smoke a joint to call my nerves. This made me skyrocket into the trip again hallucinating in a matter i didn't think was possible. I was watching the move "Inside out" which can definitely fuck your mind up totally, which to say it did was an understatement.. I bad tripped and felt totally disconnected from time, place and body. This feeling stayed, and after this date i could never smoke marijuana again which i enjoyed in the past. Smoking weed made DP feel so intense that i just couldn't take ever smoking again. Now this DP feeling has stuck to me after also getting severe panic anxiety, and i am clueless of what to do with this. I have tried countless therapy sessions which worked for a while, however now i'm back again with anxiety and heavy DP.

Hope this forum can enlighten me a bit, and possibly sometime i can update you with me being "cured" for DP.
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